Monday, September 24, 2012

Heyiz! Joanna Ryde here givin the lovely followers of Blog Eletrik some news!

Back a while ago I started postin pictures and videos of random abandoned places on me own blog (The World Of A Ryde). Well there’s a great blog that yiz all need to follow by a lovely chap I know real well called He talks about places all over the world and it’s real interestin. It’s on the Twitter as well – @WorldAbandoned and on the YouTube too – 

God bless you Charmin’s friends!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

And So It Ends...

Just like Hong Kong, Ireland wont have a showjumping team at London 2012. As predicted the competition was gonna be tough as this was the final chance for teams to qualify and with the dodgy waterjump replaced making it easier the competition was opened up. Shane Sweetnam opened up with an 8 faults round and with Switzerland and Sweden recording the same score nobody was any wiser. Nicola Fitzgibbon had the discard of 20 faults and after a super start to the round she seemed to lose her nerve after fences fell, a rookie mistake! At this point the Swiss had recorded a clear so they went ahead of us. Denis Lynch came in and had a fence down, a lazy mistake from "Lantinus" and we were down to 9th place at this point. Again it was all down to Billy Twomey but we still needed fences from other countries to help us qualify. The final line caught us out and "Tinka" knocked 3 down pushing us way out of contention, along with Billy's individual hopes.
I know the critics are going to say we had a tough job going into the championships but i don't think we did. We had a super year in the Superleague, along with a win and second place in the Aachen Nations Cup it shows Ireland can compete with the best. Robert Splaine made a good point before the Championships that unless one of the big name riders has a horse fit for the Championships they cant be considered! This year we lost 3 of our main team riders. Jessica Kurten lost the CastleForbes horses, Cian O'Connor sold his top mount "K Club Lady" and Cameron Hanley also lost his main rides. Personally i think Robert Splaine selected the best team possible and this team did finish second in the Dublin Nations Cup after a jump off so we know they could compete.
I think it is time for a total overhaul of the way we compete at top level. How do we do so well at pony and junior level but yet these kids fall by the way side once they get older, Nicola is really the only one who made it through. How come we cant compete with the likes of Holland and Belgium or even our neighbours Great Britain? What are we doing wrong? We have 2 riders in the top 10 in the world with plenty more in the Top 50 but they dont have the horses. London was our chance to shine on the world stage and also a chance for us to possibly win a medal but now i think it is time that the powers that be sit down and discuss where things are going wrong.All we can do now is hope that Billy and Denis keep up their good rankings and get through as individuals.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The X Factor - So Far!

It really pains me to say this but im loving it! I really didnt think you could get a better team then Dannii and Cheryl but somehow the X Factor has managed it with Kelly and Tulisa. What i love is that you can tell that the girls actually get on and like each other! When did you ever see Dannii and Cheryl joking or having a laugh on the panel, maybe cause Simon is gone they are all relaxed! Gary Barlow is great although im getting bored of the "absoutely amazing" he always does but he does have some bitchy remarks like this classic..

"When you were singing to the left, to the left, I wanted you to go the whole way to the left of the stage!" .. Oh how I laughed. Louis better watch out next year cause i think his time on X Factor may be up!

I also hope the rumours of Cheryl returning for the Live shows dont happen! I dont think the people would want it and it would bring the tone of the show down. It will be worse if Tulisa loses her place.

Anyhow, the last week of auditions before BootCamp kicks in!! BRING IT ON!!


On the 11th of November in Dignity Bar, Waterford the very 1st LGBT Parent of Ireland will take place and we are still looking for entries!
The compeition is open to all Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual and Transgender Parents and will take place over 3 or 4 fun rounds, nothing to hard or taxing! If you are intrested contact the LGBT Parents SouthEast on Facebook for more info!
Dont worry i will mind each of ye on stage that night

25 Minutes Away From London 2012!

As i write this the Irish howjumping team are over in Madrid at the European Showjumping Championships where currently they lie in 7th spot! They need to finish in the top 3 Unqualified teams to get to London and so far they hold the 3rd spot behind Holland and Sweden! Holland are leading the team championship so their place is secure, Sweden are in 6th place 11 faults off us and with 3 scores counting that isnt much.
The team are having a mixed show really with Nicola Fitzgibbon having the discard scores on both days but at her debut Senior championship she is doing really well. Denis Lynch is having a bad week so far, Lantinus isnt what he was and with a horse of that calibre you would be thinking he would be doing better. Billy Twomey has had 2 amazing clear rounds and lies in 2nd place indivdually.
The top 10 teams kick off at 3.30pm today and it is over the same course as yesterday so that should be off help, hopefully not to much cause the fight is very tight for that 3rd spot! So let us pray that the team can work a miracle today and get us to London 2012! I will update as the day goes on.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Person's Crazy Is Another Person's ..Well You Decide!

This email was sent to the commitee off Galway Pride warning them to cancel their Pride Parade as to save the souls of Galwegians and other people who might attend! It is actually quite amusing to read cause whoever wrote it actually BELIVES it all, on the other hand it is also disturbing to think that this kind of narrow mindeness still lives on!
Im not sure who wrote it but i do have an idea. Waterford Pride recieved a few of these kind of emails to which the Gardai were informed! So should any of the remaining Prides in Ireland recive any please do send onto your local Gardai!
Enjoy the read!!



Galway Pride Parade Cancelled

I would like the county council of Galway and the Gay pride committee of Galway along with the gardai to hold an emergency meeting after they read this email and if the gay pride committee can give the gardai and council one good reason they have to be proud duirng the second coming then would you kindly ask them to respect God? Their in the wrong, their your streets, reclaim them....liase with Waterford council, last week the people took to the streets to cause traffic chaos at the pride parade...... You have received details that jesus is back and the Gay community need to respect it and Ireland. 60 souls were lost in waterford last weekend who defied him....he doesnt want to lose any in Galway and its up to your christians too ensure it.

The Waterford LGBT pride parade which took place today Saturday August 6th 2011 in Waterford city will more than likely go down in world history as the most unforgettable event the homosexual community has ever organised. The 2 floats consisted of some confused men dressed in womans clothes that go by the name Drag Queen but their floats drove so fast to avoid the public glare and anger that these Transgendered persons spent more time holding onto their wigs lest they fall off than actually doing anything remotely entertaining or to be proud of.
There were approximately 40 or so proud marchers behind these floats but these proud souls hid underneath a large rainblow flag which they carried over their heads. The small almost unnoticeable gathering was flanked by several Gardai cars and was over within 15 minutes of its sad commencement. To end an already miserable parade a large black cloud appeared coupled with rain at the end of the parade to ensure a quick dispersal of the proud homosexual community. No doubt the Gay community will hail it a success……roll on Gay Pride 2012, can’t be any worse.
Many thanks to all the people of Waterfordand surrounding counties that took to the street in their cars which forced the parade to move all that quicker and many more thanks to those who downloaded this free of charge -------------- make no mistake about it, what you witnessed in that parade today is the children of darkness with the marking of the beast 666

Thursday, August 11, 2011

20th Auguest - " X Day" - The Next Generation!!

The UK X Factor kicks off in 2 weeks and needless to say the pressure is on the new lineup to make the grade. Going from the video they do look the part alright but im kinda wishing the got rid of Louis now, its not really the "Next Generation" if ya still have a part of the original "Generation" there!

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think! I think Kelly looks amazing on this and Tulisa looks super but for me she looks like they have turned her into a airbrushed version of Cheryl?

"Who???" - Cher really is slow!

Ive watched this loads over the past few weeks since it was uploaded and ive laughed every time! I love her!

The video is the work of Kandi Kane Baxter, London's hottest and fab drag superstar! Winner of the Best Drag Act at the Boyz Awards earlier this year. She features as all the stars and what a job she does! It is a great little pick me up..

And this is her on stage ..

Dallas - The "Trailer" or First Look ...

It looks just how i remember it! Having the iconic characters that the Ewing's were there makes it all that bit more special. Im waiting excitedly for more leaks and photos of it!

The New Star Of Irish Showjumping!

Well not really cause i always thought she would be at the top someday and now she has finally started!
Last week at the Dublin Horse Show, 23 year old Nicola Fitzgibbon made her Aga Khan debut and what a debut it was. A rub of the planks in the first round and then this stonker of a clear in the second. Watch and enjoy!!

I knew Nicola back in my horsey days and even then herself and "Puissance" were doing really well. They have a proper partnership going on and they trust each other alot! Ireland had a great day then, finishing a very very close second to Great Britain, our chances of European glory and that all important Olympipc qualification are looking better.

Currently Ireland are in fourth in the Superleague, only .50 of a point behind the teams tied for second! So it is still anybody's race going into the final in Rotterdam!